Dawn V.
Clinic Manager, Surgical Assistant
dawn v headshot

Dawn has been working in oral surgery for over 23 years. It has been her passion for her entire career. During her career, Dawn has done everything from scheduling, assisting with surgery, and coordination of implant, orthognathic, and cancer surgeries. She also schedules staff, and helps to manage the logistics of the practice. She has worked both in the hospital and clinic settings and enjoys all areas of the practice.

Dawn A.
Surgical Assistant
dawn a staff photo

Dawn (JD) has been in most areas of dentistry in her impressive career of over 21 years. Over 17 of those years have been dedicated to oral surgery. She is knowledgeable in all aspects of the practice and is always looking for ways to improve. Not only is she a surgical assistant, she is also our supply chain specialist. She stays up-to-date on the latest advances in dental materials and instrumentation. She loves to assist and has worked in the clinic and hospital setting.

Kayla Jo
Surgical Assistant
Kayla Jo Headshot

Kayla Jo is a part time surgical assistant. She has 15+ years experience in health care, 10 of those years working with individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities and 5+ years of dental and oral surgery experience. Kayla Jo loves to have fun and is always willing to hear a good joke. 

Surgical Assistant
Maddy staff photo

Maddy is the newest surgical assistant to join our team. Her driven work ethic makes things efficient and her spunky personality makes the office an enjoyable experience for both the patients and staff.

haley staff photo

Haley had 10 years of experience in general dentistry prior to joining the Prairie Oral Surgery team in January 2022. She manages accounts receivable and also assists with scheduling and insurance. She enjoys having a variety of responsibilities, including ensuring patients have a pleasant experience at Prairie Oral Surgery. 

Amanda P
Patient Specialist
Amanda P staff photo

With over 12 years of experience in the health care industry, Amanda brings a wealth of knowledge to the practice which helps her provide effective and excellent patient care. Amanda goes above and beyond to make sure every patients visit is a pleasant one.

Registered Dental Hygenist
Trinity Headshot

Trinity is our registered dental hygenist. She assists the doctors in surgery, prepares the patient, and is able to give local anesthesia. Trinity has over 10 years of experience in both general dentistry and oral surgery. Her knowledge of both specialties is a real asset. 

Insurance Coordinator
Alyssa staff photo

Alyssa has a background in both medical and dental billing and coding. She is dedicated to getting the most of your insurance and is happy to answer any questions you may have. Insurance can be confusing and Alyssa makes it an easy process to benefit the patient.

Patient Coordinator
Angie staff photo

Angie has over 7 years of experience working in oral surgery in both the hospital and private practice setting. Her experience with the hospital is vital in coordinating surgeries at Essentia where Dr. Haas and Dr. Smart have privileges to perform surgeries. Angie’s bubbly personality and contagious laugh makes everyone she encounters smile.

Amanda B
Registered Nurse
Amanda staff photo

Amanda has several years of experience in various specialties. She works closely with the doctors in the operating room giving patients the exceptional care they expect and deserve. Amanda’s experience and calming nature assures patient experiences are top notch.

Financial Coordinator
Image of Beth

Beth has experience with both insurance and the dental field. She helps patients receive the maximum benefits from their insurance company. Beth is happy to discuss your financial options with our office. If you have any questions regarding estimates, your account, or insurance coverage, she is your lady.

Specialty Surgery Coordinator
Image of Geneviv

Geneviv has experience working in general and oral surgery. She assists Dr. Haas and Dr. Smart with coordinating implant and orthognathic surgery.